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Customized Recipe Collection

Customized Recipe Collection

Have you ever felt motivated to cook, but then get discouraged because you don't know what to make?


Have you ever been driving home from work thinking about dinner and felt un-excited because you make the same 3-5 dinners over and over again?


Do want to cook, but feel like everything you'd want to eat takes too much time and energy?


Or maybe...


You know you're supposed to be eating a certain way, but you can't figure out what to make that fits your dietary needs? (and still tastes good!)


Or you have new restrictions in your diet due to a health condition, allergies/sensitivities, health goals... and feel like you can't eat anything you like anymore?



What if you had a cookbook that was filled with recipes that were 100% tailored to Y.O.U.?


  • Your diet.
  • Your body.
  • Your kitchen.
  • Your skill level.
  • Your schedule.
  • Your life.


Like your favorite mix tape (CD, playlist... ;) ).



If any of this sounds relatable and exciting to you, a customized cookbook may be exactly what you need. 


Here's what it entails:

A 1 hour dietary and lifestyle assessment with Angela so she can create a customized collection of 20 recipes that are tailored 100% to you, your body, and your lifestyle. In addition to being a professional meal prep chef and meal planning expert, Angela has been a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach since 2015!


The assessment will cover:

  • health goals
  • allergies/sensitivities
  • protein prefereces
  • favorite meals
  • foods you love/don't love
  • cooking skills
  • kitchen equipment
  • number of mouths to feed
  • how much time you have to cook
  • more.



What are you waiting for?! If you have any questions about this product before purchasing, please reach out to Angela directly through the chat or email


    Recipe collections come in 2 formats.  A digital PDF version will automatically be sent to your email within a week after your assessment.  If desired, recipes can be printed in a color, spiral bound booklet format, and shipped to you.


    The consult piece of this package is designed so that I can create the perfect recipe book for you.  During the consult, the client is given every opportunity to provide all the information needed to have the fisnished product meet all of their needs.  Therefore, there are no returns or refunds on this product.


    Printing and shipping costs included in checkout options. If you would like to have a printed cookbook shipped directly to you, please choose the appropriate option at check out.  

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