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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Meal Planning/Prep Expert,
& Owner of Meal Prep Chef, NH

New to the world of meal prep? Need some fresh ideas? You can become a master at the basics with my 8-week online course, Become A Meal Prep Pro, or check out my Customized Meal Planning Programs and get continued personalized accountability and support on your healthy meal prep journey. 


My philosophy? Everyone deserves to have healthy homemade meals on a regular basis.  But I know that this can be difficult to acquire in this day and age.  I believe that meal planning can and should be manageable, sustainable, and aligned for the individual.  Like most things in life, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  But I've been doing this for a long time and, together, we can find the strategy that works best for YOU.

Wherever you're at, I'll meet you there.


Not into cooking? Don't have the time? I also go to people's homes in the Seacoast New Hampshire & Southern Maine areas to be their Personal Meal Prep Chef.  If you want healthy, homemade meals ready to grab from your fridge all week, I'm your girl! 

Meals are created per your personal needs and preferences.  All diets can be accommodated! Meal planning, food prep, & clean up are all done for you in your own kitchen by a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Healthy meal prep containers with quinoa
Asian style teriyaki sauce chicken meat
Rice, stewed vegetables, egg, teriyaki c
Greek style grilled chicken breasts with
Vegetarian lunch box. Broccoli, pumpkin,
Healthy balanced lunch box. Grilled chic


Meal planning and prepping takes up a lot of time.  First, you have to decide what you're going to eat for the week. You have to know what foods are good for YOUR body, what foods to avoid, and where to find recipes that align with your diet.  Once you decide what you're going to make, you have to make a grocery list and check your kitchen for any items you already have so that you don't buy something you don't need (that will eventually go bad in your fridge).  Then you have to find time to get to the grocery store... By the time you get back, you're more than likely to tired to cook, never mind clean up​! 

With a personal meal prep chef, you don't have to think about anything mentioned above.  Imagine a magical fairy coming to your home with fresh groceries picked out specifically for you and your dietary needs.  She prepares delicious meals right in your kitchen, filling the space with smells of your favorite dishes.  When you get home, your meals for the week are perfectly portioned in containers in your fridge AND... your kitchen is spotless. 

Meanwhile, you've had more time with your family, friends, or to yourself! 


If you are even slightly thinking about enrolling in Become a Meal Prep Pro—do it!!!

Before I enrolled in Become a Meal Prep Pro, my food preparation was nonexistent and my eating habits were downright embarrassing! Angela’s program literally came into my life at THE perfect time. 

Angela is truly amazing at what she does. She provides the perfect “container” (haha) for you to feel heard, supported, and confident in your meal prepping skills! Not only that, her recipes that she shares are delicious AND personalized to whatever it is you’re feeling like cooking that week! 

If you are looking to up your game in the kitchen, improve your eating habits or need help with the basics—Angela has got you! Her guidance, course content, and recipes will not disappoint you! 

Tory G.

Hiring Angela is the best things I have EVER done for myself! She makes all things 'Meals' simple & easy! I love having custom meals to pull out of the fridge for a week at a time. It keeps me feeling my best and not struggling to make time to cook or even think about what to make! I HIGHLY recommend Angela!

Jennifer G.

Meal Prep Chef has been a great fit for my girlfriend and I! We’re super busy, and on the go during the week. Thanks to Angela’s program we’re now eating super healthy and don’t have to worry about sacrificing nutrition due to busy schedules. Angela even comes to the house to prep for us 😀. Great program, delicious meals, and great chef!

Tyler G.

Thank you for enhancing and empowering my batch cooking skills with your creative meal planning ideas, recipes and expertise.
I now have all the recipes, tools and menus at my disposal to quickly prepare nutritious food for my family.  You’re a superstar!

Elaine T.

Angela created the most *authentically Brie* cookbook for me with recipes that are easy to follow and that I'll actually use and make (lots of vegan, gluten-free, meal prep options, and chocolate!).  It's also so affordable.

Brienna B.

I broke my wrist and didn't know how I was going to eat healthy home cooked food until I found Meal Prep Chef. She was able to fit me in quickly so that I was able to eat good nutritious meals while healing from my surgery. I am forever grateful!!!

Linnea D.

About Angela

Owner of Meal Prep Chef NH & Creator of the Digital Course, Become A Meal Prep Pro.


Born and raised in New Hampshire. When I’m not cooking or coaching, I’m doing yoga, playing piano, adventuring with my partner, and/or eating delicious food.


I struggled with food for a long time when I was younger. Malnutrition, food sensitivities, body image issues… it took me a long time to make the connection between what I ate and how I felt. But when I did… magic happened ✨

Meal planning completely changed the game for me. I’ve spent the last decade+ experimenting and trying new strategies to make eating healthy easy and sustainable. In 2014, I became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and my business has been evolving ever since. Today, I’m a full time personal meal prep chef and meal planning coach.


Because witnessing someone overcome their eating and/or cooking challenges and transform into someone who doesn’t stress about eating healthy every day is what I live for.


I’m so happy you’re here 🤩



Let's talk! Connect with me here to schedule a free initial health consultation or ask me any questions about my services.

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