***COVID - 19 has presented it's challenges for personal meal prep services, but I am happy and proud to share that it is still possible to offer these services safely!  Ask me about what I do to keep things safe and sanitary while prepping you meals for the week in your kitchen.***


Meal planning and prepping takes up a lot of time.  First, you have to decide what you're going to eat for the week. You have to know what foods are good for YOUR body, what foods to avoid, and where to find recipes that align with your diet.  Once you decide what you're going to make, you have to make a grocery list and check your kitchen for any items you already have so that you don't buy something you don't need (that will eventually go bad in your fridge).  Then you have to find time to get to the grocery store... By the time you get back, you're more than likely to tired to cook, never mind clean up​! 

With a personal meal prep chef, you don't have to think about anything mentioned above.  Imagine a magical fairy coming to your home with fresh groceries picked out specifically for you and your dietary needs.  She prepares delicious meals right in your kitchen, filling the space with smells of your favorite dishes.  When you get home, your meals for the week are perfectly portioned in containers in your fridge AND... your kitchen is spotless. 

I go to people's homes in the Seacoast New Hampshire & Maine area to be their Personal Meal Prep Chef.  If you want healthy, homemade meals ready to grab from your fridge all week, I'm your girl! 

Meals are created per your personal needs and preferences.  All diets can be accommodated!

All I need from you is a clear kitchen counter and sink, containers for your food, and room in the fridge.


Service includes:

  • Meal Prep Consult to determine your unique dietary needs.

  • Kitchen Consult for the chef to tour the work space ahead of time.

  • *Meal preparation.

  • *Kitchen clean up.

  • Food containers provided for an additional $50 fee.


All done for you in your own kitchen by a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

*Hourly rate of $35/hour applies. Client to do their own grocery shopping/delivery before chef's arrival.  

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